June 16, 2024

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Erasmus + KA227 Partnership for creativity Cooperation for innovation of good practices

Project acronym: creICTivity

Code: 2020-1-SI01-KA227-ADU-093635 

Duration: 24 months, start date: 1. 3. 2021

Coordinator: Association for Education and Social Development, Slovenia

Project partners:
Project goals:
  • creICTivity aims to strengthen the ability of adult educators and the sector to use creativity in the learning process to increase effectiveness of ICT learning and, consequently, (practical) creativity of the learners – vulnerable adults with low ICT skills. To address this issue we will closely examine the concept of creativity and its applications in (adult) education. We will also explore the needs of low ICT-skilled adults. This will help us create an approach and methodology blending creativity with the needs of low-ICT adults regarding ICT.
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On 28. of April 2021 we had 1st Virtual Kick-off meeting

TPM meeting in Unna on 27.-28.September 2021

3rd Transnational project meeting in Lodž, Poland 30.-31.3.2022
LTTA in UNNA; Germany
Project meeting in Granada 29-1.10.2022
26.-27. January TPM in Zagreb, Croatia
Transnational project meeting in Maribor on 5.6.2023
Multiplier event in Maribor on 28th of August. 2023

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