16 junija, 2024

Društvo za izobraževanje in socialni razvoj

Emotional Umbrella

Emotional Umbrella           

KA210-ADU – Small-scale partnerships in adult education

Agreement:  No.: 2022-2-SI01-KA210-ADU-000096414


Duration: 01.03.2023 to 30.06.2024

Coordinator: Društvo za izobraževanje in socialni razvoj (Slovenia)

Project partners: 
  • Alapítvány a helyi közösségekért, Hungary  
  • Project goals: 
    • Emotional Umbrella wants to improve the skills, knowledge, and capacity of partner organizations to address the adverse effects of exposure to negative news and information on the health and well-being of our learners, mostly (vulnerable) adults. To provide our learners with a high-quality learning option to build resilience and develop coping mechanisms against negative news and events. And, to promote the importance of caring for the mental health of learners in the adult education sector and beyond. The main result of the project will be The Emotional Umbrella toolkit with examples of practical exercises and methodological support for art therapy to address the issues of psychological resilience and coping with negative news and information. 10 educators will be trained to use the toolkit, and around 20 learners taking part in the training will feel the benefits. Around 20 stakeholders will participate in the final events for dissemination of the project results in both partner cities.


Transnational project meeting in Maribor on 17.-18. April 2023  
Usposabljanje art terapije 18.-20.9.2023-Pecz Madžarska  
Art Therapy Training 2023, Maribor  

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