December 3, 2023

Association for education and social development

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Our activities

Informal education

As part of our various projects we provide unformal education for youths and adults on the topics of sustainability, entrepreneurship , critical thinking and basic literacy skills.
We organize: art workshops, kundalini yoga classes,…

Providing information, sports, culture and social activities

We disseminate the results of our projects to our stakeholders, organize informative and social events. Teaching basic ICT skills and other soft skills.

Our target groups are:

vulnerable adults, unemployed people, seniors, adults, Youth, NEET

Advising about all aspects of project work

International cooperation and networking is the main activity of DISORA. We provide advice to different types of organizations on how to apply for various international and national projects. We provide support and mentorship for: finding suitable programs and projects for you, finding suitable project partners, preparation and implementation of various projects, preparation of project application.