May 29, 2024

Association for education and social development

Association for education and social development

Association for education and social development is a non-profit NGO from Maribor, Slovenia with the aim to contribute to better integration and social situation of vulnerable target groups.

Through programs and activities in the field of lifelong education, culture, sports and social development we address the challenges of cultural and social integration, active citizenship and various skills for the unemployed, the youths, migrants, seniors and others. We have a lot of experiences and references in implementation of various international projects as project leaders or as partners. We are a reliable partner in the development of new projects, preparation of project applications an implementation of projects in the field of adult education.

Vision, mission & values

Our vision:

Contribute to a more tolerant and economically equal society.

Our mission:

contribute to the social and cultural integration of vulnerable target groups through their empowerment and strengthening of basic skills.

Main activities:

providing opportunities for informal lifelong learning of various vulnerable groups such as migrants, deprivileged youths, seniors and the unemployed.

Our values:

  • Knowledge and education
  • Working for the benefit of the people
  • Trust and long-term cooperation
  • Innovativeness and creativity
  • Solidarity

Our Team


Ivan Močnik

President of DISORA, Management and implementation of international projects

Marijana Simonič

Chief Project and Financial Manager  

Navid Fadaee Nazer

Artistic activities ​

Andrej Šaupert

Intergenerational cooperation ​ ​



Dušan Waldhütter

Media and storytelling ​​

Petra Brumec

Sustainable development and vulnerable groups

Jolanda Kovačič


Voluntary Work

DISORA is working with volunteers. Volunteers are active in various areas: strengthening of different competencies and skills, work on various projects, sports and cultural events. Contact us, if you wish to become a volunteer.