May 28, 2024

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Erasmus + KA205 Strategic Partnership for youth – exchange of good practices


Agemment: No. 2022-2-BG01-KA210-ADU-000095493 

Duration: 01.01.2023 to 1.05.2024

Coordinator: Association “Social Support and Information (Bulgaria)

Project partners:
  • Društvo za izobraževanje in socialni razvoj, Društvo DISORA (Slovenia)
Project goals:
The project was formulated in accordance with the Horizontal Priority “Inclusion and diversity in all areas of education, youth and sports” and is aimed at social inclusion, by creating opportunities for training, including the possibility of virtual and blended learning and ensuring the access of people with fewer opportunities, including people with disabilities, members of minorities and migrants, other people facing socio-economic difficulties and/or discrimination. The activities in the project aim to contribute to the achievement of the priorities in the field of adult education, as follows:

1) Improving the availability of high-quality, flexible educational opportunities for adults – creating and developing of flexible learning materials, adapted to the learning needs of adults from risk groups in the community (including people with disabilities, people leaving institutional care, minorities, migrants and others), through development of training opportunities, including introducing virtual and blended learning.

2) Creating pathways to increase skills, improve accessibility and increase the spread of adult education – activities are aimed at new opportunities for adult education, including low-skilled, disabled and others. Introducing new methods of teaching, interpretation, digital content and presentation of materials aiming to increase knowledge and skills. The learning areas which are related to key competences (“Learning skills”) and life skills would meet the target needs.


1. Transnational project meeting in Maribor on 17.-18. April 2023
TPM in Maribor, Slovenia 19th of February 2024

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